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Gear – A Simple Approach for Using Heart Rate Data to Improve Running

Modern runners have a ton of gear available to them to monitor performance. We have global positioning apps, heart rate trackers, smart watches, and even electrocardiograms (EKGs) on demand. But how much data is too much? I have used a … Continue reading

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Eating and Drinking — Low Salt Salad Dressing

I can be convinced to eat my greens, but salad dressing is a must. My problem is that salad dressing is salt-a-rific. So, I began googling around for low-salt salad dressing and found a recipe that called for olive oil, … Continue reading

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Training – A $150 Weight Loss Bet, or The Fancy Pants Challenge

I’ve made a $150 weight loss bet – I have 28 days to lose an inch or two off my waist. How did this come to be? While running is one of my regular sports, I am also a fencer. … Continue reading

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Races — Cambridge 5K Yulefest: 2016’s Last Race Was A Little Colder, A Little Slower

Every runner’s times will go up and down, but comparing my Turkey Trot time to my Cambridge 5K Yulefest time, things seem to be holding steady. Below is my time from today’s race. The average pace was 8:41 per mile, … Continue reading

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Races — Still Chugging Along at the Donohue’s 11th Annual Turkey Trot

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in the United States and that means that the running inclined can start their day with a 5K to work up an appetite for the delicious meal that comes later in the day. Life’s other … Continue reading

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Races – Thirty Seconds Faster to Freedom

Today was the Cambridge 5K Race Series Freedom run. It was a relatively flat, fast course through Cambridge, Mass., starting at the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall. The course was the same over the past two years, and I am happy to … Continue reading

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Cross Training – February Fitness Check Up

Back on January 3, I did my first Presidential Fitness Test for 2016. A month later, it looks like there has been some progress, but plenty room for more. So, if you took 100 forty-one-year-old guys and lined them up … Continue reading

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Digressions – What Do I Do With All These Shirts?

One of the perks of running races are the free tee shirts, but if you do enough of them, the shirts can pile up pretty fast. Here is a picture of my pile of race shirts. There are 35 of … Continue reading

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Digressions – The Race is the Reward

I was running a penalty lap at the biathlon when it occurred to me: the race is the reward. At this little event in New Hampshire there were no prizes and few bragging rights, just the potential for improvement. When … Continue reading

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Races – Biathlon: Run, Shoot, Run Some More

Summer biathlons are one of the more unusual races in which I take part. Like the winter Olympic sport, the sport combines two disciplines – running and shooting. The running is five laps of 800 meters. You run the first … Continue reading

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