Races — Still Chugging Along at the Donohue’s 11th Annual Turkey Trot

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in the United States and that means that the running inclined can start their day with a 5K to work up an appetite for the delicious meal that comes later in the day.

Life’s other responsibilities sometimes get in the way, which is why I have been quiet on this blog for some time. Still, we can return to the things we enjoy, and so yesterday I was back out there for the Donohue’s Bar and Grill 11th Annual 5K Turkey Trot. It benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Watertown, Mass.

Donohues Turkey Trot 2016 5K Race Bib

Lucky Number 907

My running has been inconsistent enough as of late that my goals for the race were to finish in under half an hour and run the entire thing. My stretch goal was to finish in 27 minutes.

It was a good day for a race, with clear skies and a temperature around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. My first mile was about dodging other runners as I found a pace that would push me but not be unsustainable. I In my second mile, it seemed like my tank had run out of fuel, so I just had to keep pushing and hope for the best. In mile three, I found the reserve tank and managed to make the following results:


My gun time was 27:26 and my chip time was 26:44! Not bad considering my training has been lacking a little.It’s not my best time ever, but I am surprised and happy with the results.

My next race is the Cambridge 5K Yule Fest in Harvard Square on December 11. (You can register here. It is a fun, well-organized race with good beer afterwards.) I have a couple of weeks to train, though there may be a business trip in there. Still, for a stretch goal, I will try for less than 26:30. I don’t plan any fancy training, but I will try to run consistently.

Does anyone else set goals and stretch goals for a 5K? How do you decide on what your goals should be?

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