Introduction — Going This Distance (The 5-K)

This blog is for all the 5-K runners who want to make running part of their lives without making running their whole lives, race on the weekend, and have some fun.

Whether you are a runner who is working up to finish your first 5-K, someone trying to get faster to set a new personal record, or someone who is cross-training for another sport and adding races for fun, I hope that you will find something useful here. I also hope you will share useful things from your own experiences.

The goal is to share the journey – “the miles of trials,” as author John L. Parker, Jr. once put it — and in the process try to figure out how to train smart and better.

This blog will have six broad categories for all of its posts:

  1. Races – reviews, experiences, and times.
  2. Training – how to run to get faster.
  3. Cross Training – fitness, and life, are more than running.
  4. Eating and Drinking – fuel for the adventures.
  5. Gear – shoes, clothes, etc.
  6. Digressions – fun stuff related to running.

Each week, I will bring you a post on one of these topics. The goal will be to have at least a race post, a training post, a cross-training post, and a post from the three remaining categories each month. When something interesting or exciting happens, there may be an extra post or two.

With any luck, we will learn something along the way and become better athletes. If nothing else, then I hope that I can entertain some fellow runners who want to go the distance – the 5-K distance.

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