Races – Restarting on Global Running Day

Today was “Global Running Day,” as declared by,

um, someone,

let me Google,

the New York Road Runners, I guess.

It seemed like a good day to restart this blog, and to go for a run. I am traveling for work, and the conference I am at is in a Westin hotel. As I have written about before, the Westin has a program where they encourage running and will even rent you shoes and running gear for about $5.

My plan was to rent them this time, so I did not pack my running shoes. When I tried to do so, though, they didn’t have any shoes in my size. (I wonder if I could have reserved them ahead.)

But I had gotten an e-mail in advance of my trip telling me that the run concierge – apparently that is a position here – would be holding a special run today. So, I was in a running mindset.

Thanks to the miracles of the internet, I discovered a shoe store not far from my hotel. I walked over and bought a $30 pair of Nike Shox. They are different than my other running shoes, but for being on sale and being able to do the run this morning, it seems like they were a good deal.


I got up at 6 a.m. to be in the lobby by 6:30. There were about 14 people, and we ran a 3-mile loop through part of the city. We ran along the river, through a park, and over some bridges. It was nice to have someone plan the route in a different city so that you had a good sense of direction and distance.


Other Westin hotels I have stayed in have had maps at the check in desk, which helps. But this is the first time I have heard of a run concierge. Apparently, she works in another Westin department and this is a little add on thing she does. She nicely went out and chalked the route with encouraging messages along the way.


It was a good way to start the day, but it is always tough when you know you need to be up by a certain time but are worried about your alarm.  I hope to get up and do another group run tomorrow. We’ll see.

But after a hiatus that involved focusing on other sports and an interstate move, I am back, and with any luck, my running and posting will be consistent.

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